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Porlock Community Radio Appeal

Porlock does not currently benefit from a truly local radio station. It also has one of the most elderly populations in the UK. Whilst we have some avid 'silver-surfers', there are a great many, and some of our younger members too, who are not connected to the modern digital world, meaning they are not able to receive the myriad of information which is sent that way nowadays.

The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted that gap, and many in the community, living alone, not online, without support networks, were left to their own devices and feeling forgotten and lonely. A local leafleting campaign revealed the extent of the issue resulting in Porlock Town Crier , Grant Dennis, looking to find a way to connect with the whole community in other ways. It was brought home when delivering leaflets when one resident stated that his voice was the first local voice she had heard in nearly three weeks. This was a repeating theme with many others too.

Almost everyone has a transistor radio, hi-fi system, car radio etc, so Grant considered setting up a Community Radio Station. The cost was found to be prohibitive, but linking up with an existing Community Radio Station (West Somerset Radio ), was possible at a much reduced cost. The only reason that Porlock doesn't get that community radio is due to the geography. To enable reception of this local community radio station this area would bring the benefit of an uplift in community wellbeing, and an easy way to connect with our more lonely and isolated members of the community. Since May 2021, Grant (The Town Crier), hosts The Porlock Show, a regular 3 hour Porlock centric radio show that  highlights Porlock themed news and information, as well as dedications and contributions from the Porlock and surrounding Porlock Vale communities. There are any number of other opportunities to raise the profile of the Porlock community, resident and business, to a much wider audience than exists today. The benefits to the whole community are many and wide-ranging.

As mentioned, Porlock has the problem that it is located in a geographically difficult place for the reception of radio (and TV for that matter!). The main reason why Porlock can't receive local community radio is because of the hills that block the signal.

A repeater transmitter is required to fill the gap - one which is ideally located to reach areas currently missed. To achieve that will cost around £6000.00. It would be a one-off capital cost as once the equipment is in place, we will have our own local community radio station. I hope that you might like to help to achieve that aim with a donation towards the target. If you do...I thank you!!!

Update below............. (01/12/2022)
The Porlock Show, on West Somerset Radio
Every Saturday from 12 midday to 3.00pm
(presented by Porlock Town Crier, Grant Dennis)

Even though we can't receive West Somerset Radio here in Porlock on the radio waves yet,
it is already available to those who are connected to the internet anywhere in the world!

On a PC, Apple Mac or Linux computer...
Just use your internet browser to navigate to and then click on the 'Listen Live' button - a new player window will open, and you'll be able to click on the play button to stream the station live.

On Amazon ALEXA devices...
you can say “Alexa Open West Somerset Radio”, but first you will need to turn on the skill:
To turn the 'Skill' on... (this only needs to be done once)
Say Alexa Enable West Somerset Radio Skill

Then wait around 10 to 15 seconds...

Then ask "Alexa Play (or Open) West Somerset Radio"
If  that doesn't work, you will need to use the Alexa app...
1. Open up the Alexa app on whatever device you have connected to Alexa
2. Click on the 'More' navigation button in the menu bar...
3. Click on “Skills & Games”
4. Search for “West Somerset Radio”
5. It should be the top listing. You will recognise the logo
6. Click enable or launch
On your Android or Apple Smart phones/devices...

So Far...

Sufficient funds have so far been raised  to enable the purchase of the broadcasting kit.

The next stages are...

Ensure permissions and licensing are in place...
Install the kit at the transmitter site...
Link up to the studio...
Commence broadcasting on the frequency OfCom allocate

To help towards the project target

Porlock and the surrounding communities will then be able to receive

Your Community Radio Station.
Telephone: +44 (0)7779 331967
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