Easter 2020 - Porlock Town Crier

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Porlock Easter Cream Tea Logo
Porlock Town Crier Easter Cream Tea Cry Sunday 12th April 2020
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Everything Stops For Tea!
Jack Buchanan's 1935 Everything Stops For Tea!
Porlock Easter Cream Tea
4.00pm Easter Sunday
12th April 2020

More information follows in this excerpt from
Exmoor Magazine social media

This Easter will be an Easter like no other but how's this for a  lovely idea, which is happening in Porlock.

Denise Sage writes:
 "On Easter Sunday (12 April) at 4pm, we are having a Village Cream Tea,  when we all sit down together (in our own homes) and have tea together.  You can take a photo to post on Facebook, send a photo to a friend,  phone someone or do something cleverer with technology that I can’t do,  but it will be a way of keeping us together and ensuring we don’t feel  alone. We are definitely all in this together!

"I’m hoping St  Dubricius will ring The Bell at 4pm (pity we can’t have a whole chime,  but we’re delighted with anything) and Town Crier, Grant Dennis will deliver a  special Easter Day Town Crier’s cry, and then we can listen to Jack Buchanan's 1935 recording of ''Everything Stops For Tea".   (download, or play below...)

"You can make your own tea  or for a treat, Kitnors will deliver a Cream Tea (free delivery) for  just £5, with two large scones, jam, cream and a teabag. (Make sure you  phone well in advance (01643 862643). You might also like to order one  for a surprise for a friend you currently can’t meet up with. They do  vegan, gluten free and even vegan/gluten-free teas.

"We are SO  LUCKY to live here, most of us have a home (and not just a room in a  high rise flat), many have a garden and we’re all surrounded by  wonderful people. WE WILL GET THROUGH THIS – but united we’ll get  through a little better."

Helen and Shaun at Whortleberry Tea Rooms are celebrating their first year of being in Porlock. As a big thank you to the village for making them so welcome, they will be baking scones to contribute to the big “ Everything Stops For Tea” on Easter Sunday afternoon.
Orders to be placed by 5.00 p.m. on Saturday 11th April.  Telephone 01643 862891
Your scones will be left inside the tea rooms, with your names on bags ready for collection on Sunday 11.00 a.m. - 3.00 p.m.
These could be collected on your daily walk..... please ensure social distancing.
If you would like a delivery, please let Helen and Shaun know when you place your order.
Donations are being requested for Porlock Carnival, if you are able to.
Telephone: +44 (0)7779 331967
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