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Porlock event - Battle's Over: A Nations Tribute

I have been asked by many people to retain a public record of the Porlock Contribution
to the 'Battle's Over: A Nations Tribute' Commemorative event,
which took place at Porlock on the evening of
Sunday 11th November 2018.

Accordingly, it is my pleasure to do so.
Published here are images and video supplied to me,
and the full copy of my 'script' on the night.
The script is downloadable in PDF format.

The slideshow images in the slideshow below are courtesy of David Hawtin Photography.
Porlock Town Crier, Grant Dennis at The Porlock Contribution to Battle's Over: A Nations Tribute
Cry For Peace - Porlock 11/11/2018

My script for the event.

(A download button is at the bottom of this page)

Pumpkin Soup!
Thank you to Mark Doveston, owner of 'The Olde Chapel Restaurant' High Street, Porlock
who provided a warming cup of pumpkin soup to those who attended this commemorative event.
The recipe was one which originated from the Great War era,
and would have been enjoyed by by those in the trenches, and at home.

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